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Try our new Espresso Martini

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Try our new Espresso Martini

We are excited to introduce our captivating new cocktail: the Espresso Martini! This exquisite cold brew is destined to conquer the palates of coffee and cocktail lovers.

Imagine a perfect blend of energy and elegance. The Espresso Martini is a carefully crafted combination of espresso coffee with sugar, coffee liqueur and vodka. Each sip will transport you to a world of intense flavours and subtle notes, while you enjoy a delicious experience.

At TikiCityBenidorm, our team of expert bartenders have perfected the recipe to ensure that each Espresso Martini is a masterpiece. The espresso coffee is precisely blended with just the right sweetness from the sugar, while the coffee liqueur and vodka add a touch of sophistication and potency.

The result is a seductive drink, with the perfect balance between the bitterness of the coffee and the sweetness of the liqueur. Every sip will give you a burst of flavour and a revitalising sensation.

To celebrate this new cocktail, we are hosting a special evening at TikiCityBenidorm. Come and join us to discover the Espresso Martini in all its glory. Our venue will be decorated in an elegant and cosy atmosphere, creating the ideal setting to enjoy this liquid gem.

During the evening, our talented team of bartenders will be on hand to prepare and serve the most exquisite Espresso Martinis. In addition, we will offer free tastings so you can try this exciting cocktail and be seduced by its unique taste.

Whether you are a coffee lover or a cocktail aficionado, the Espresso Martini at TikiCityBenidorm is an experience not to be missed. Come and discover the magic of this blend of flavours while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere and our exceptional service.

Ready for a sensory journey with every sip? We are waiting for you at TikiCityBenidorm, where the Espresso Martini will delight you and transport you to a new dimension of pleasure. Don't miss it!